Matt Riddle Appears To Be Drunk In Airport Video

Matt Riddle

A video has been released showing some erratic behavior from former WWE superstar Matt Riddle.

Matt Riddle was released by WWE over a week ago with the former United States & Raw Tag Team Champion issuing a statement thanking the fans for all of their support.

That message was a lot different than what Riddle posted on social media on September 10th after an airport incident at JFK Airport in New York City when the WWE crew was flying back from their show in India.

In a now-deleted social media post, Riddle wrote:

“Nothing like being sexually assaulted by an officer and harassed at the jfk airport, no means no and just because I’m nice doesn’t mean yes!!! A*shole!!! Don’t know they’re Twitter or instagram handles but I took pictures, normally I’m like whatever but today was really weird and uncomfortable and they made a point to make me feel small and useless. Definitely one of the most uncomfortable travel days I’ve ever had thanks NYC you’re so progressive and accepting!”

There ended up being an investigation with TMZ reporting that there was a disorderly person in the airport that happened to be Matt Riddle.

When police arrived, Riddle apologized for his behavior. The police officers did not file a report and he was free to be let go.

Matt Riddle video emerges showing drunken behavior at airport

A video was posted by TMZ showing Riddle in the airport terminal shouting loudly. There’s nothing against having a few drinks while on a flight, but as a WWE superstar, Riddle could certainly be more professional in a public setting like that. A witness told TMZ that Riddle was “extremely loud and rude.”

After a flight delay, the passengers got on the plane, except for Riddle, who was denied entry due to his drunken state.

Following Riddle’s release, there were reports from WWE noting that the company felt that he burned through too many chances while working there. There were just too many incidents involving his behavior and the company decided to move on from him.