Logan Paul Takes Title Jab At LA Knight Ahead Of WWE Showdown

LA Knight and Logan Paul face off in the ring

Logan Paul has taken a shot at LA Knight’s lack of title reigns.

On the May 31st edition of SmackDown, LA Knight let know Logan Paul know he had his sights set on the United States Title. Logan Paul responded to the challenger on social media, saying that he has his “whole life of ahead of him” and it doesn’t involve Knight.

Knight responded to the video, which used the wrong handle for Knight, joking that Paul “can’t even figure out how to tag people.”

“Social media influencer” can’t even figure out how to tag people

Now, Paul has hit back, bringing up the fact that despite calling himself a “Megastar,” Knight hasn’t been able to win a title during his WWE career.

“WWE Megastar” can’t even win a title

While a date hasn’t been set for the pair to have a title clash, it seems like it will happen sooner rather than later despite Paul’s protestations.

Logan Paul Praised By Surprised WWE Hall Of Famer

D-Von Dudley has described Logan Paul as a “natural.” The Hall of Famer admitted that he is surprised at how quickly the YouTube star has taken to pro wrestling. Dudley said the star is “extremely good” and explained that it isn’t something you can “just wake up and decide you want to do it.”

Dudley isn’t the first stat to describe Paul as a natural, as Lex Luger had similar praise for the star, saying that besides his wrestling skills, the star has good camera presence and timing in the ring.