Logan Paul Is A Natural Says Surprised WWE Hall Of Famer

Logan Paul at WrestleMania 40

Logan Paul has continued to gain admirers.

At WrestleMania 40, Logan Paul defeated Randy Orton and Kevin Owens to retain the United States Title. The match was the latest in an increasingly long line of impressive performances, earning Paul praise throughout the industry.

Since making his debut at WrestleMania 38, fans and wrestling veterans have been pleasantly surprised by his rapid progress, with many noting that he’s far surpassed their expectations.

Appearing on Gabby AF, D-Von Dudley added his name to that list of admirers, admitting he never thought the YouTube star would be as good as he is.

“I did not see him picking it up this fast, I don’t think anybody saw this. I think they probably looked at him being some guy that said, ‘I can do this.’ that was nowhere near as good as he is.

Logan Paul is extremely good and my hat goes off to him because this is something that you can’t just wake up and decide you want to do and all of the sudden it just becomes natural. He’s a natural, he really really is,”

Elsewhere on the podcast, D-Von Dudley paid tribute to Paul Heyman, commenting that there wouldn’t have been an Attitude Era without him.

Ronda Rousey Wanted Logan Paul Role

Speaking in a recent interview, Ronda Rousey said she wishes her matches would have been treated with the same care as Logan Paul’s.

The former WWE star recalled her first match which was planned and rehearsed well in advance — something that’s also reportedly done with Paul. However, said noted that following her in-ring debut, she was never given the same chance to prepare with the same level of detail.

Ronda Rousey hasn’t wrestled for WWE since being defeated by Shayna Baszler at SummerSlam 2023.

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