WWE US Champion Logan Paul Responds To Challenge From LA Knight

Logan Paul WWE

Logan Paul heard what LA Knight had to say on WWE SmackDown, which led to an interesting response from the US Champion.

At the WWE King and Queen of the Ring PLE, Logan Paul main evented the show as he challenged Cody Rhodes for the WWE Championship. Paul tried to cheat to win, but he couldn’t do it and Cody ended up retaining his championship.

Luckily for Paul, his United States Championship was not on the line in that match. As the WWE United States Champion for over 200 days, Paul is a targeted man because the SmackDown roster is full of wrestlers who want a shot at the title.

On WWE Smackdown in Albany, LA Knight mentioned Paul’s name to the SD General Manager Nick Aldis. Knight was informed by Aldis that Paul wasn’t there. After meeting with Aldis, Knight did an interview where he made it clear he was coming for Paul’s US Title.

In response to Knight, Paul posted a video on social media where he was with his pregnant fiancee while also laughing off the challenge.

“You want what I have, huh? Hahaha. That’s funny, brother. Here’s the thing: I don’t give a damn what you want. I don’t care. I’m chilling. I’m living my life as the champ. Went on a date tonight with my honey, she’s pregnant. I’ve got a whole life ahead of me, and that life doesn’t involve you. Hahaha.”

The rivalry between Logan Paul and LA Knight was teased briefly on the May 17th edition of WWE Smackdown when the two superstars had a staredown backstage.

Logan Paul Called A “Natural” By Lex Luger

During his WWE career that has seen him wrestle in just 13 matches over two years, Logan Paul has impressed a lot of people with his performances. Wrestling legend Lex Luger recently praised Paul’s athleticism and timing in the ring.

“He’s a natural. I mean, his camera presence, his persona, his timing. I saw his interview with Cody in the ring and his timing, he’s so comfortable on the camera. His work in the ring, obviously, is way beyond the time he’s spent at it, athletically. Even his timing in the ring, it’s pretty incredible.”

The next WWE PLE is Clash at the Castle on June 15th although it’s not known if Paul will be part of the show.