WWE U.S. Champion Logan Paul Earns High Praise From Wrestling Legend

WWE U.S. Champion Logan Paul Earns High Praise From Wrestling Legend

Former WWE and WCW star Lex Luger commended current U.S. Champion Logan Paul, expressing admiration for Paul’s impressive timing and natural talent despite his relatively brief tenure in the wrestling industry.

On his podcast “Lex Expressed,” Luger shared his thoughts on the highly anticipated showdown between Logan Paul and Cody Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Championship at the upcoming King and Queen of the Ring event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on May 25th.

Luger’s praise for Paul was emphatic, describing him as a natural talent with a compelling camera presence, captivating persona, and impeccable timing both inside and outside the ring. Luger highlighted Paul’s in-ring prowess, athletic abilities, and exceptional timing, suggesting the potential for an outstanding match between Paul and Rhodes.

He’s a natural. I mean, his camera presence, his persona, his timing. I saw his interview with Cody in the ring and his timing, he’s so comfortable on the camera. His work in the ring, obviously, is way beyond the time he’s spent at it, athletically. Even his timing in the ring, it’s pretty incredible.

Reflecting on Paul’s interview with Cody Rhodes, Luger emphasised Paul’s evident comfort and confidence in front of the camera, underscoring the promising prospects of the impending championship clash. Luger’s endorsement of the match further highlighted his anticipation for the event and his confidence in the abilities of both competitors.

That’s gonna be a really good match. Really, I think it’s gonna be really, really good.

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