Which WWE Hall Of Famer Gave Lex Luger His Torture Rack Finisher?

Which WWE Hall Of Famer Gave Lex Luger His Torture Rack Finisher?

Lex Luger, former WCW World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Royal Rumble winner, has spoke about the underutilisation of his finisher the Torture Rack in contemporary wrestling.

The move, renowned for its demand on strength and spectacle, has recently seen a resurgence in AEW courtesy of Powerhouse Hobbs, although not as a finishing manoeuvre. Speaking on his podcast The Lex Express, Luger expressed his surprise at the absence of the Torture Rack as a primary finisher in today’s wrestling landscape. He emphasized the move’s potential, noting:

I’m surprised no one’s used The Torture Rack as their finish. I know it’s not an easy finish to put on anybody. There’s some guys who have some good physiques out there who could pull that off.

Luger even hinted at the possibility of a newcomer, Jonathan Young, adopting the Torture Rack as his signature move, dubbing him “Total Package 2.0.” He commended Powerhouse Hobbs for integrating the Torture Rack into his arsenal, revealing that Hobbs had sought his approval before using it. However, Luger humbly distanced himself from sole ownership of the move, endorsing Hobbs with enthusiasm:

‘Man, rack ’em up!’ I don’t consider it like ‘my move.’ It’s a great finish.

Highlighting the enduring popularity of the Torture Rack, Luger referenced its high rating in WWE 2K video games. He fondly recalled how the late Dusty Rhodes admired the move and entrusted it to Luger as a means to showcase his imposing physique.

And Dusty [Rhodes] loved it, Dusty gave me the finish because he liked the way it showed my body.

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WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan stated that he didn’t get along with Lex Luger due to Luger at the time having a tendency to be a touch narcissistic. Duggan also didn’t appreciate WWE giving Luger the All-American gimmick in the early 90s, which he had been using for numerous years at that point.

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