“I Didn’t Get Along With Lex”: Hacksaw Jim Duggan On His Relationship With Lex Luger

WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan peeled back the curtain on his relationship with fellow wrestling icon Lex Luger during their shared tenure in WWE.

Jim Duggan’s candid reflections In a revealing segment on his podcast The Hacksaw Hour, provided a fresh perspective on Luger’s transition to a pro-USA persona and its profound impact on their professional dynamic. Duggan didn’t mince words when discussing his rapport with Luger, bluntly admitting to a lack of camaraderie between the two. He attributed much of this tension to Luger’s embrace of the pro-USA gimmick, which he believed altered the landscape of their interactions. Additionally, Duggan unearthed details of Luger’s alleged friction with mentor Bruiser Brody, hinting at underlying conflicts that simmered beneath the surface.

I didn’t get along with Lex. I could see why Brody wouldn’t like Lex. Like I said, the best gimmicks are the ones closest to who you are and the gimmick worked well for Lex pretty much back then.

Reflecting on Luger’s metamorphosis from “The Narcissist” to the patriotic symbol of American pride, Jim Duggan noted a palpable shift in the wrestling landscape. For Duggan, this transformation signalled more than just a character evolution; it marked a watershed moment in their respective careers, with implications that ultimately spelt the end of Duggan’s tenure with the promotion.

That was the writing on the wall for old “Hacksaw” to hit the road! The flag and the helicopter and the Lex Express and I got my flag taped to the flag pole!

Duggan underscored the profound personal significance of carrying the American flag to the ring, emphasising that it wasn’t merely a scripted prop but a symbol of genuine patriotism. He expressed deep-seated pride in his role as a flag-bearer, highlighting the heartfelt sincerity behind each spirited chant of “U-S-A.”

You can’t just give somebody the flag, it’s been my honour to carry the flag when I’m out there waving the flag saying ‘U-S-A’ it’s coming from the heart.

Why Did Hacksaw Jim Duggan Carry A 2X4?

Jim Duggan revealed the reason he started carrying a 2×4 was that Bruiser Brody had told him to grab an object to help separate the raucous crown who were taking shots at the wrestlers as they made their way to the ring, Duggan found a 2×4 and used that to make his way to the ring and from that moment onwards never went to the ring without his trusty piece of wood.

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