Hacksaw Jim Duggan Recalls Why He Started Carrying A 2×4

hacksaw jim duggan 2x4 tough guy wwe

Hacksaw Jim Duggan has revealed that he decided to carry a 2×4 to protect himself.

Duggan is one of the most highly-regarded wrestlers from the golden era of the 1970s and 1980s. While he wasn’t as high-profile or financially successful as Hulk Hogan or André the Giant, Duggan still created a huge legacy for himself.

In fact, Jim Duggan has made many sporadic appearances over the decades and has been referenced or copied just as many times.

When he appeared on TV, Jim Duggan has been seen with a 2×4 in one arm, which has become his trademark object, much like the Singapore Cane was the Sandman’s and the sledgehammer was Triple H’s.

But where did this piece of wood come from? Well, according to an interview with The Times-Union, Duggan needed something to keep angry fans and tough guys wanting to prove themselves to him at bay.

“We only had these little rope barricades; I’d come back to the dressing room covered in loogies and bruises from the fans and local tough guys taking a swing. Bruiser Brody used to say, ‘Carry something you can use’ to the ring and as luck would have it, I looked down in the dressing room and here’s this piece of wood. I started swinging that on my way to the ring and the crowd was parting like the Red Sea! ‘Hacksaw’ was from my football days and the way I used to play. My character is just who I am. No one was writing my verbiage or telling me how to act in the ring.”

Hacksaw won the first televised WWE Royal Rumble match in 1988 and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in