Logan Paul Drags Samantha Irvin Into Ricochet Feud

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Logan Paul has made his SummerSlam match with Ricochet personal.

Following a series of viral moments with their interactions at the Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank, the boxer and the high flyer look to trend on social media again on August 5th at SummerSlam.

The two Superstars met face-to-face one final time on the July 31st episode of Raw. Paul referenced the Royal Rumble mid-air collision, and how he is just as athletic as the former Intercontinental Champion. The YouTube star then offered a fist bump to Ricochet, which was reluctantly accepted.

As Ricochet was about to exit the ring, Paul mentioned what happens after the bell rings, which is the winner of the match declared by the announcer at ringside. Paul stated that the ring announcer for the match would be Samantha Irvin, who is the fiancée of the former United States Champion.

Ricochet, who was incensed by Logan Paul declaring that his future wife would in fact announce him as the winner, had heard enough and went after the influencer.

Logan Paul attempted to strike Ricochet, but the high flyer evaded the attacks on multiple occasions. Ricochet would hit one move too many, as he was struck in mid-air by Paul with a devastating right hand. To add insult to injury, Paul took a selfie with the fallen Superstar.

Has Logan Paul Ever Won A WWE Championship?

After signing a contract with the company in 2022, Logan Paul is set to take part in his 7th professional wrestling match at SummerSlam. The most high profile match that the social media megastar has been a part of took place at the Crown Jewel Premium Live Event, where Paul was added to the lengthy list of Superstars who have tried and failed to dethrone Roman Reigns.