LA Knight – “The Miz Always Wanted To Be Me”

The Miz dressed as LA Knight on WWE Raw

LA Knight didn’t hold back with his thoughts on Miz’s impression of him on Raw.

On the August 28th episode of Monday Night Raw, The Miz dressed up as LA Knight and imitated the star’s catchphrase while pretending to pander to the crowd. However, when it came time to throw a t-shirt into the audience, Miz instead threw the shirt on the ground and took off his Knight gear before calling his rival “generic” and “vanilla.”

Speaking about Miz’s imitation of him during an interview with Claibs Online, LA Knight called Miz “jealous” and said Monday’s impersonation was the best reaction he’s gotten in his entire career.

“Well, I mean if you look at what Michael Cole said on SmackDown a couple weeks ago, he said The Miz is jealous, which is a double down on what you just said and I’d have to agree. I think I showed up on Raw a couple nights after winning the Slim Jim Battle Royale, had to go in and do a couple photo shoots and stuff like that, and here he is getting upset about it.

“I don’t know, this past Monday, he dressed up like me and that makes sense doesn’t it? He is jealous of me, and you know why? Because he’s always wanted to be me. I’m not saying he knew who LA Knight was years ago, what I mean is that he wanted the level of success that I’ve come across. He wanted the adulation that I’ve come across, he’s wanted the reactions that I’ve gotten, people chanting his name, quoting him. Instead, the best reaction he’s ever got in his entire career was walking out as me a couple nights ago on Raw.”

LA Knight Says The Miz Only Cosplays Guys “On A Completely Different Level”

This is far from the first time Miz has employed cosplay in one of his rivalries, famously dressing up as The Rock during one segment. He and Maryse also filmed a series of vignettes named Total Bellas Bullsh*t ahead of their mixed tag team match with John Cena and Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 33 that saw them imitate the Bella Twins’ reality show.

Continuing in his interview, Knight accused Miz of only cosplaying stars on a completely different level, and he takes it as a compliment that he’s now among the ranks of those Miz has attempted to mock.

“He was talking about me doing cosplay, here is he actually literally doing cosplay and he’s doing cosplay of three guys that are all on a completely different level from him if you notice. He’s putting me on that same level with them, and putting himself on another level which is below all of us.”

LA Knight and The Miz are set to face off in singles action at WWE Payback on September 2nd.

h/t Fightful