LA Knight Takes Shot At WWE Hall Of Famer On SmackDown

LA Knight

LA Knight is not a moron.

LA Knight is on the rise in WWE with superstardom surely a matter of when rather than if now the question for the star. Knight picked up a huge win over The Miz at Payback and is surely on his way to many more on premium live events in WWE but his issues with The Miz are not over.

Miz and Knight will meet again on the 15th of September edition of SmackDown but on Friday night’s show in Boston, LA Knight had a message for the WWE Champion but also had a message for WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash.

Knight was analysing The Miz’s theme song which says “I came to play” before noting that if he was “a complete moron I’d say let’s look at that adjective but I’m not a moron so I’m gonna say let’s look at that verb.” Knight’s comments called back to Kevin Nash appearing on WCW television when at the time the company’s motto was “where the big boys play.” Nash famously commented “Let’s look at the adjective” referring to the word ‘play’ mixing up his grammar in a clip that still makes the rounds nearly 30 years later.

Why did LA Knight take a shot at Kevin Nash?

Kevin Nash has previously accused LA Knight of ripping off The Rock with his presentation and thought Knight’s character was “a rib” when he saw it.

Nash has since apologised for reading the room so badly and confessed that he didn’t watch SmackDown to actually see Knight perform first-hand when he made his comments.