Kevin Nash Apologizes To LA Knight – “I Don’t Watch SmackDown”

LA Knight

Kevin Nash has softened his stance towards LA Knight, apologizing for not knowing his previous body of work.

Over the last few weeks, WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash has been extremely critical of LA Knight’s current run in the company. Originally classing him a rip-off of The Rock, Nash went on to say that he thought Knight’s character was a rib when he first heard about it.

However, with LA Knight’s popularity still on the dramatic rise it has been over recent weeks, Kevin Nash has backtracked on his comments somewhat, laying the blame partly on the fact that he doesn’t watch SmackDown.

In a discussion on his Kliq This podcast, Nash made it clear he’s now taken the time to watch some of Knight’s work and feels he’s a “good hand”.

I actually watched him. I didn’t know much about the guy, so I watched some clips. And I’ll say he’s a good hand. The one thing, and this is probably the most important thing, is he has some high-impact finishing moves or moves, and he really does an excellent job of always, not occasionally, not even 50% of the time, always making sure he tucks that person’s head and lays them flat … He looks like he’s strong.

I always look at it like, ‘Okay, can I have a match with this guy in my prime?’ I’m like, ‘Hell yeah.’ He would’ve laid me flat. I could’ve had a good match with him. I wasn’t dogging him… I never saw him as [Eli Drake], I didn’t see him as that. I didn’t see him in NXT.#

LA Knight is currently involved in the tournament on the blue brand which will determine a new number one contender to Austin Theory’s United States Championship.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.