LA Knight Explains Reluctance To Ask Veterans For Advice

LA Knight

LA Knight has admitted he doesn’t like to ask veterans for advice, although thinks it might be time to.

Knight has had a stunning rise in 2023, with fans taking to his character around WrestleMania 39 and his support only growing from there. The reactions The Megastar now receives every week are on par with most top stars in wrestling. The former Million Dollar Champion has achieved this level of success despite having no connections in the wrestling business before he broke in over 20 years ago.

On a recent episode of the Getting Over Podcast, Knight was asked if he ever goes to the likes of John Cena or The Rock for advice. He admitted that, despite having questions for them, it’s not something he’s done.

“Now, I mean, there’s certain little things that I want to ask about. How I can just hide myself in different ways. How do you how do you deal with that? I haven’t really had that particular conversation.

“I mean, I always kind of try to grab Hunter whenever I can, and just kind of get a litmus test to where things are going, because I always need to know the direction. That’s going to dictate what I’m doing, how I’m doing.”

Knight conceded that maybe it’s a conversation he should now have and explained that he’s never wanted to “bother” veterans with those sorts of questions.

“Maybe it’s a conversation I should have, now that you bring it up. I am the type that I just am not going to want to bother people with that. Again, that protection element comes in when I’m just like, ‘You know what, I’m just gonna not sweat this’, or at least appear that I’m not sweating it, and that’ll be good enough.”

The star said that the protection element comes from coming up in wrestling without connections others might have, although he admits that it might have been detrimental to his career.

“I mean, I’ve had to figure this whole damn thing out on my own anyway for 20 years. I didn’t have a dad in the business. I didn’t have any friends in the business. I didn’t have any of that stuff.

“So it was basically, you know, I’m gonna figure it out as I go. That’s what I did. Maybe I was a late bloomer because of it, and who knows, maybe it’ll be to my detriment.”

LA Knight teaming with John Cena at WWE Fastlane

Knight currently has the opportunity to seek advice from John Cena as he will be his tag team partner at WWE Fastlane on October 7th. There, the pair will take on The Bloodline team of Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa.

The team came about after Sikoa and Uso attacked Cena on the September 29th edition of SmackDown. Knight made the save for the 16-Time World Champion and declared that he would be his partner at the event.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.