John Cena On Reuniting With The Rock On Smackdown

john cena the rock smackdown

John Cena revealed what he said to The Rock when the cameras were not rolling.

The September 15th episode of WWE SmackDown saw The Rock return to his old home and take out Austin Theory. Following the shock appearance, The Great One’s night was not over.

As The Rock was seen walking backstage with Pat McAfee he ran into a familiar face, the 16-time World Champion and former WrestleMania opponent. The two future Hall of Famers embraced as Cena welcomed Rock home.

Speaking in an interview following his appearance on The Bump, Cena revealed that he did have another conversation with the Hollywood star after the segment concluded. Cena acknowledged that he could have handed their rivalry better:

“Thank you for the question. I want to adjust it a little bit. What was it like to see a friend that I haven’t seen in a long time and in between the times we’ve spent with each other, I’ve openly kind of come to a realization that the first foray into us competing against each other was probably was a professional mistake on my part. And I’ve been very apologetic and open with my apology that the way I conducted business was in the realm of trying to do good business and we did great business. And it was really nice to see a friend.

He was actually generous with his time. We could actually converse for a little bit and that’s the first time we’d seen each other since publicly apologizing for that. And I just wanted to make sure you heard it from me face to face as well. And it was really nice to see a friend.

Continuing the interview, Cena revealed that Hustle, Loyalty and Respect is more than a catchphrase but something he prides himself on doing every day:

Well, respect is something that’s one of my core values. It’s on every hat, it’s on every shirt. It’s on every towel. But I believe respect is earned. And I think mutual respect for your peers, it needs to be reciprocal. You’ve got to have a certain candor and a certain respect to gain that respect. I always say it’s a boomerang. What you throw out there is going to come back at you.”

When Will John Cena Retire?

Being a member of the WWE roster for over 20 years, it is relatively common knowledge that John Cena will soon hit his final Attitude Adjustment inside the ring. While appearing in India as part of the Superstar Spectacle, Cena hinted that retirement is not that far away.

H/t to Wrestling News.