John Cena Reacts To Fans Endorsing LA Knight

LA Knight John Cena

John Cena has commented on the strong fan reaction given to LA Knight.

Knight has been on a meteoric rise in 2023 that has not been seen in WWE for quite some time. The groundswell of support for The Megastar began around WrestleMania and has only increased week on week, still yet to reach its climax.

No stranger to the most vocal sections of the wrestling fanbase, Cena was at one point referred to as “The most polarising figure in all of WWE” by commentary. While appearing on The Bump, Cena expressed how happy he was that the company were moving Knight in the right direction based on fan reactions:

“I could waste all your time talking about how I love WWE because of moments like this. No one knows what’s going to happen next and no one can control the narrative. And a lot of times, the audience can tell if they’re trying to be controlled or pushed in a certain direction and they rebel against it. And I think that’s wonderful because, as performers, it allows us to listen to the most important superstar out there, and that’s the WWE Universe.”

John Cena & LA Knight Set To Team At Fastlane

First crossing paths at Fastlane, Cena made himself an impromptu guest referee for Knight’s encounter with The Miz. After the match, the 16-time World Champion met with The Megastar onstage and gave a strong endorsement to the SmackDown star.

Not forgetting about their previous interaction, Knight would come to the aid of Cena on September 29th. Preventing Cena from being the victim of a further Bloodline assault, Knight stormed to the ring and declared he would be Cena’s partner against Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa at Fastlane.

H/t to Wrestling News.