KSI Reveals Scrapped WWE Money In The Bank Plans


KSI nearly made another surprise appearance in WWE.

With a close friendship with Logan Paul and Money in the Bank taking place in the YouTube star’s home city of London, many fans put two and two together to expect a reunion of the Prime founders at the UK Premium Live Event.

The rapper did not directly play a part in Logan Paul’s attempt to become Mr Money in the Bank, but he did provide some liquid encouragement from the front row. Following Paul falling to the floor after hitting a Frog Splash onto Damian Priest onto a ladder, a bottle of Prime was thrown from off-camera into the direction of the boxer. It was later revealed that KSI was the fan who threw the drink in the direction of Paul.

Speaking on The MMA Hour With Ariel Helwani, the influencer had high praise for Logan Paul’s match against Ricochet, calling it one of the best matches he has ever watched:

“Yes, I did [see Logan Paul’s match.] He’s insane. I was talking to him. I was like, ‘Bro, that DDT, you back-flipping onto him and then DDTing him was insane.’ The whole match was top-tier. Literally one of the best matches I’ve ever watched, and I’ve seen a lot of WWE. He’s just insane. He’s sick, man. He’s very, very dope,”

Helwani then questioned why Paul’s close friend was not seen at Money in the Bank. The rapper revealed that discussions were had regarding the event, but nothing materialised:

“We had a few ideas, but we decided it wasn’t gonna work. So we just left it, and I just decided to watch since I was in England. Yeah, it was sick,”

When Did KSI First Appear In WWE?

The British YouTube star made the surprise debut in the company at WrestleMania 39, being hidden inside a giant bottle of Prime that accompanied Logan Paul to the ring in his match against Seth Rollins. KSI would attempt to interfere in the match and give Paul the advantage but was accidentally Frog Splashed through the announce table by Paul after Rollins moved out of the way at the last second.

H/t to Fightful