KSI On Potential WWE Match – “You Never Know”


KSI shocked the wrestling world after attacking Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 39 and has called out WWE legend.

The internet sensation has followed up his surprise appearance and discussed if he will follow in his business partner Logan Paul’s shoes, by competing in WWE.

KSI rose to fame after building a global following on YouTube, before battling Logan Paul in a special attraction boxing fight, and releasing his own music.

The rapper is the CEO of Misfits Boxing and, along with Paul, the co-owner of the Prime energy drink.

It was disguised as a bottle of Prime that KSI entered SoFi Stadium, accompanying Paul in his match v Seth Rollins.

After Rollins was in control, the mascot interfered before revealing under his mask that it was KSI.

The pair positioned Rollins on an announce table, but as KSI focused on creating a viral video, Rollins was able to move out the way and drag KSI in his place, just in time to be on the receiving end of a top rope Logan Paul frog splash through the table.

Discussing his WrestleMania 39 moment with WWE reporter Cathy Kelley, KSI admitted how hard he tried to keep it secret.

“No one knew it was me. I guess a few fans were speculating, ‘Could it? Surely not.’ I tried putting something on my story like, ‘Oh, I’m leaving LA,’ just to trick some of my fans. When I came in on the stage and out the ring and bouncing around, everyone was like, ‘Who is it?'”

“It was one point, where I was blocking people’s way and they were screaming behind me being like, ‘Get out the way, you’re too big, I can’t see!’ I started kneeling to not block people’s view. ‘Ah, Logan needs help,’ dragged him out. Seth, scary dude.”

Over the possibility of being the next online success to step into a WWE ring, KSI shared that he wants to face a 2023 Hall of Famer and an Almighty opponent.

“You never know. If I was to choose an opponent, oh my Gosh, Bobby Lashley. (Rey) is a legend, an icon. Bobby Lashley, put me in with the beast. Why not. He’s literally triple me. I’m up for the challenge. YOLO.”

With Logan Paul discussing Triple H’s reaction and his own contract situation, there could be a possibility that WWE want top tap into onto the enormous following Paul and KSI offer, especially when the demand for Prime drinks has seen shops charge increased prices due to lack of supply.

H/t to Fightful