Kevin Owens Humorously Reacts To Fan Accusing Him Of Stealing Finishers

Kevin Owens

When a fan decided it was a good idea to accuse Kevin Owens of stealing finishers from other wrestlers, Kevin Owens was quick to respond.

Under the new era of WWE management, Kevin Owens seems to have moved back up the pecking order with his promo towards Drew McIntyre on the 15th August 2022 edition of Monday Night Raw gaining plenty of social media attention. Although the match between the two ended with a disqualification win for McIntyre after interference from The Usos, Owens did manage to hit a stunner on ‘The Scottish Warrior’ before he left.

After the show, Kevin Owens shared a clip from the promo on social media where he commented that he’s “as real as they get in the business”. However, the post caused backlash from one fan on social media who accused Owens of stealing other wrestler’s finishers.

Owens quickly responded, claiming that he’s a trailblazer.

Nobody else does everyone’s finishing move…

I’m a trailblazer, Brett.

Brett didn’t take this is the end of the conversation, responding shortly after:

Well trailblaze yourself a new finishing move that you created, you seem to be a follower to me

At this point Kevin Owens certainly wasn’t done, as he then started copying Brett himself including his profile picture on Twitter.

No, Brett.

I’m going to start copying everyone even more.

In fact, my name is now Kevinn.

And you think you’re the only one that can take a selfie in front of a body of water while looking miserable?!


Proving he was committed to this, Kevin Owens has also changed his named on Twitter to “Kevinn”.