Jim Cornette Slams AEW Star As “Petulant Child”

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has had his say on one AEW star after a recent bust-up.

Ahead of All In, AEW has been dealing with some behind-the-scenes drama once again as issues surrounding members of the locker room and CM Punk have reared their heads.

One individual seemingly in the firing line with Punk was Jack Perry with the two men said to have words over Perry’s insistence on using real glass on a segment on Collision.

Speaking on his Drive-Thru podcast, Jim Cornette gave his usual candid thoughts on the situation and defended CM Punk for taking a stand:

“There was obviously a disagreement, Jungle Jack wanted to somehow use broken glass, real broken glass, and apparently, from the way I heard it, the agent of the match and or the medical staff and or other people said, we don’t think he ought to do that. So it was brought to CM Punk to get his viewpoint and he told the child as you should do when you’re trying to instruct and or discipline a petulant child.

“He said to Jack Perry, we don’t do that on Saturday nights. Which indicates to me that at least one person in this company is trying to do what they’re supposed to be doing, which is do a professional television programme in the manner and kind and genre that it is supposed to be professional wrestling, and do it well and do it professionally.

“And do it somewhat safely and not have all this childish, outlaw garbage involved. And apparently, the petulant child that was being disciplined or in this case, not disciplined, but being instructed that this is not the kind of thing that we do on the real wrestling programme that this company produces.

He [Jack Perry] got p*ssed off and was arguing about it. I think at that point, they should have said, tell you what you can use all the broken glass you want. You go out in the parking lot, break a bunch of bottles roll around in it, we don’t care. But you’re not doing it on the television programme, because you’re not important and we don’t want this bullsh*t that you people do on Wednesday night f*cking up our show.”

Is CM Punk running the show on AEW Collision?

CM Punk was also believed to be behind Ryan Nemeth being asked to leave Collision following Nemeth’s critical social media posts about him in the past. The former AEW World Champion is also believed to be the reason that AEW’s own Head of Talent Relations Christopher Daniels is not welcome at Collision.

Reports have suggested that Punk is wielding influence over Tony Khan on the Saturday night show and even has “veto power” for Collision.

h/t Inside The Ropes