CM Punk Confronted Ryan Nemeth In AEW “Like A Mad Man”

CM Punk screaming

CM Punk’s backstage confrontation with Ryan Nemeth was said to be very aggressive.

A new account of Punk’s argument with Nemeth was published in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The account begins with Punk approaching Nemeth while Nemeth was against a wall on June 21st, displaying the Tweet that angered him and told Nemeth “Do we have a problem or are we good or do we have to take it outside.”

One phrase used to describe the behaviour was “ranting like a madman.” Another source spoken to that defended the former World Champion said that Punk was “handling business like a man and that all was taken care of and things were settled.” Despite the issue not being settled, it was decided to keep quiet on the matter as no matter what it would look bad on Nemeth, further confirming the report that various talents are choosing not to speak up on the matter.

The argument continued into the hallway, with Nemeth’s defence being that his behaviour was his onscreen charatcer of being antagonistic and Punk is the returning babyface. Punk saw this differently, saying to Nemeth that this “wasn’t the time for this sh*t.” The pair would shake hands, but Nemeth has not been booked for a TV appearance since. The next scheduled appearance was the August 12th episode of Collision, but Nemeth was sent home.

What Caused The Alleged Incident Between CM Punk and Ryan Nemeth?

Punk made his return to AEW TV on the debut episode of Collision on June 17th, where subtle references were made to some of the Executive Vice Presidents. What followed next was Punk referencing those that thinks he needs to apologise, to which Punk said he is sorry that the only people softer than them are the wrestlers that they like.

Nemeth would Tweet out the phrase “Literally the softest man alive” shortly afterwards. While Punk was not directly named in the social media post, the intention was heavily implied and many believe Punk to be the subject.