Huge Randy Orton Tease Ahead Of WWE SmackDown

Randy Orton

A simple two-word statement on social media has led to speculation that Randy Orton might return on the October 13th episode of SmackDown.

Earlier on Thursday October 12th WWE posted to social media that Roman Reigns was returning to SmackDown. However, it wasn’t long before an even bigger announcement overtook that first one.

A few hours after that original post, the band Rev Theory quoted it and included two additional words: “Orton Voices”.

Rev Theory is best known as the band that recorded the song “Voices” which has been Orton’s theme song since 2008.

Those two simple words have since led to speculation that Randy Orton could appear on this week’s SmackDown, which would mark his first time on a major WWE show since May 2022.

Where has Randy Orton been for over a year?

Randy Orton hasn’t been seen since 2022 because he suffered a major back injury around the time of his last match. Year of jumping for his RKO finisher and landing on his back have led to an accumulation of injuries and continuous damage to his body.

At one point, it was speculated that Orton was advised not to wrestle anymore because the damage to his body was so severe.

Orton has a long history of back and shoulder problems, some of which stems from the fact that he has hypermobile shoulders. One of his earliest injuries was back in 2002 when he was still a rookie and the injury he suffered forced him to be limited to simple vignettes hyping up his return rather than having him to anything physical.

Most recently, Randy Orton was seen heading to WWE’s Performance Center, though there have not been any updates from the company since.