New Version Of Randy Orton “Voices” Released By Rev Theory

Randy Orton

In what could be a sign that ‘The Viper’ is edging closer to a return to WWE, a new version of Randy Orton’s music has just been released.

It has been over a year since Randy Orton was last seen in a WWE ring, and there’s been plenty of talk that the former World Champion has been advised that he should step away from active competition.

Indeed, it would seem that medical advice from his back injury has been to not return to wrestling, but that hasn’t stopped the speculation. There was originally talk that he was in town for WrestleMania 39, as well as when Money In The Bank hit the United Kingdom, however neither of these appearances materialized.

It could be seen as significant, therefore, that Rev Theory have brought out a new version of Randy Orton’s theme for 2023. Whether the timing is coincidental remains to be seen, but the signature notes to the theme remain and would certainly be recognizable if it hit in the coming weeks.

If ‘The Viper’ were to make a return in the coming weeks, then there’s a logical point for him to step in to back alongside his RK-Bro tag partner Matt Riddle. In recent weeks Riddle and Drew McIntyre have been doing battle with Imperium, and adding Orton to the mix would make for some entertaining six-man competition.