GUNTHER Challenges Chad Gable To Intercontinental Title Rematch On Next Week’s RAW


In a surprising turn of events, current IC champion GUNTHER issued a challenge to Chad Gable after how their match from last week’s RAW ended.

On the August 21st edition of RAW, Gable challenged for the Intercontinental Championship. The match was competitive as Gable kept pushing forward despite the champion hitting him incredibly hard.

However, GUNTHER’s fortunes turned when he missed a chop and hit a ringpost instead. After that, Gable capitalized with a German suplex that sent the champion over a barricade and rendered him unable to return to the ring before the referee’s count of ten.

As a result, Chad Gable became the first man to beat GUNTHER in a one-on-one match since the man formerly known as WALTER debuted on the main roster.

On the August 28th edition of RAW, the champion came out and discussed that match. While he boasted about still being champion, the match result left him, in his own words, “p*ssed off”.

In fact, he was so enraged that Gable put a blemish on his otherwise flawless singles record that he offered to defend the IC title against Gable one more time next week, which Gable accepted moments later.

GUNTHER will have one more title defense before reaching the Honky Tonk Man’s record

Assuming the champion doesn’t get injured, lose in a title defense on the live event circuit, or is forced to relinquish the title for any reason, then come the September 4th edition of RAW he will go into his defense against Gable having been champion for 450 days.

If he defeats Gable, then he only has to hold it another four days to reach the Honky Tonk Man’s record.