Gable Steveson’s WWE Debut Match Announced

Gable Steveson WWE

After plenty of speculation, Gable Steveson as confirmed his future: that of a WWE superstar.

There has been a degree of uncertainty surrounding Gable Steveson for many months now. He made his first public appearance for WWE at WrestleMania 38 in 2022, but there was little follow-up to it.

As the months went by, speculation began to circulate that Steveson was revaluating his future and that he may even return to the amateur and freestyle wrestling circles.

However, after this week’s episode of NXT, Steveson quelled those rumors and confirmed that he, like Kurt Angle before him, will be an Olympic Gold Medalist competing in WWE.

On the July 25th episode of NXT, Gable Steveson found himself sharing a ring with Baron Corbin, who called himself a great white shark smelling blood in the water.

Corbin didn’t see much in Steveson and warned him that he was swimming with sharks. Steveson took this as a slight and said that Corbin made his decision easy for him. With that, Steveson challenged Corbin to be his first-ever opponent in his debut match for WWE, which will take place at NXT: The Great American Bash, which takes place next Sunday, July 30th.

Before Corbin could say another word, though, Steveson hit him with a German suplex. He went for another but Corbin blocked it, only to get caught in an overhead belly-to-belly suplex instead.

Although it hasn’t come up in storyline yet, Corbin does have some history with Olympians in WWE as he was the one who wrestled Kurt Angle in Angle’s last official match as a professional wrestler at WrestleMania 35.