Gable Steveson Making Decision On WWE Future

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Gable Steveson plans to make a decision on his future whether it’s focusing on WWE or going after something else.

Over the last month, the WWE NXT brand has slowly brought along the Olympic Gold Medallist Gable Steveson. On the July 4th edition of NXT, Steveson was the cornerman for Eddy Thorpe in his NXT Underground match with Damon Kemp. The interesting thing about that is that Steveson and Kemp (real name Bobby Steveson) are brothers, but WWE didn’t acknowledge that.

After Thorpe beat Kemp, a bunch of developmental wrestlers stepped up to Steveson for a fight, which led to Steveson delivering several suplexes tossing these big guys all around the mat.

While Steveson was signed by WWE in 2021 and even drafted to Raw in September 2021, he’s yet to have a match in the company. Part of it was because he was a bit slow in terms of his training, but he has really picked it up since then. At 23 years old, he obviously has a lot of time to develop.

There have been some recent comments from Steveson about competing in freestyle wrestling again. After being an NCAA Champion at Minnesota and an Olympic Gold Medallist, he could pursue more goals in that sport. That includes competing in the 2024 Summer Olympics, which is about a year away.

On this week’s episode of WWE NXT, they aired a video package with Gable Steveson talking about how next week he’s going to decide his future.

“Everyone has been talking about my future. What’s next for Gable Steveson? I can go back to school and go after another NCAA Division 1 national title. I can set my sights on Paris, representing our country in the Olympics, and go after my second Olympic gold medal. Or I can stay right here in WWE and NXT. Next week, I decide my future.”

The reality is even if Steveson does choose to go after Olympic Gold again, WWE is going to support it because at 23 years old, his future is very bright in pro wrestling.