Gable Steveson Teases WWE Debut – “Sooner Than People Think”

Gable Steveson WWE

Gable Steveson has already appeared at WrestleMania and been drafted to Monday Night Raw in the past but despite that, he has never actually competed in a WWE ring since joining the company via a NIL deal in September 2021.

Steveson now has his sights set back on his amateur career as he looks to go one better than WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle by winning two Olympic gold medals at the Paris Games in 2024.

Speaking to AP News, Gable Steveson explained why he has chosen to pursue another Olympic gold medal, having already won gold in the delayed Tokyo Games which were impacted by the global pandemic:

“The itch and fire will never go away and I feel like if you ask any competitor, old or young, I think it’s always there. But some people just don’t have the bodies to do it because they’re a little older. But I think me just turning 23, I still had that extra fire and I want to see what I could do. I wanted to test my limits. And so I stayed ready just in case the time came where I could come back.

“I need to have that Paris experience in front of a packed house. I need to have them see what it’s like to see Gable Steveson in person. Having been in Tokyo and having no fans was — it was okay because I still won an Olympic gold. But I want to have that experience of having my family in the front row. They need to see it live.”

However, Gable Steveson does have his sights set on his future as a WWE Superstar and says his time in the company could be coming sooner than most people realize:

“I am still doing my thing. I have changed my diet, my body appearance. I wanted to be the best thing ever so when I did go on TV, it was going to be a sight that nobody has seen before. My time is coming and it’s coming sooner than a lot of people think.”

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