Gable Steveson Has “A Lot To Think About” Over His Future

Gable Steveson stands in front of US flag

Gable Steveson has addressed his future plans and there might be more questions than answers remaining for the Olympic champion.

Gable Steveson has already appeared at WrestleMania and been drafted to Monday Night Raw in the past but despite that, he has never actually competed in a WWE ring since joining the company via a NIL deal in September 2021.

With Steveson seemingly set on another tilt at the Olympics in 2024, he featured on WWE television as a key figure in the NXT Underground match between Eddy Thorpe and Damon Kemp. Following that fight, Steveson found himself looking impressive as he launched several people with suplexes. But now, Gable Steveson is clearly considering his options.

Speaking in a clip that aired on the 11th of July edition of NXT television, Gable Steveson noted that as far as his future goes, there are more questions than answers:

“About the future of Gable Steveson, a national title, the Olympics? There’s just so much to think about, but I love being here, too. I don’t know. There’s a lot to think about.”

When Steveson will make his official WWE in-ring debut remains to be seen but if the company allows it, he could well do that after the Paris Olympics as the first two-time Olympic champion in WWE history.