Gable Steveson Finds Role On WWE TV

Gable Steveson WWE

Gable Steveson has made people wait to see what his WWE career has in store for him but he might now have a role on TV.

Gable Steveson has already appeared at WrestleMania and been drafted to Monday Night Raw in the past but despite that, he has never actually competed in a WWE ring since joining the company via a NIL deal in September 2021.

Steveson now has his sights set back on his amateur career as he looks to go one better than WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle by winning two Olympic gold medals at the Paris Games in 2024.

Now Gable Steveson has appeared on NXT television, apparently offering help to his brother’s rival. On the first week of NXT Gold Rush, Damon Kemp – the real-life brother of Gable Steveson – challenged Eddy Thorpe to a Raw Underground fight. Later in the night, Thorpe was in the locker room with other NXT names watching old Raw Underground bouts before Steveson walked in.

The Olympic gold medallist noted that nobody knows Kemp the way he does and offered to train Thorpe for the fight which will take place on the 4th of July.

Gable Steveson recently teased that his WWE debut would come “sooner than people think” which means this NXT appearance might be more than just a one-off affair.