Ex-WWE Referee Thinks The Undertaker Can Have One More Match

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The Undertaker has retired as a wrestler in WWE, but a referee who knows him well believes that the Hall of Famer has another match in him.

It was in 2020 when The Undertaker retired at Survivor Series in the ThunderDome with no fans in attendance. Earlier that year at WrestleMania 36, Taker defeated AJ Styles in a Boneyard Match that was a cinematic match.

Since retiring as a wrestler, The Undertaker has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and also does shows where he tells stories to an audience. In 2023, Taker appeared on WWE TV during the 30th anniversary of Raw and a special episode of NXT as well. The Undertaker also recently launched a podcast covering his career.

At the age of 58 years old, The Undertaker seems content with retirement, but former WWE referee Mike Chioda thinks the “Deadman” has another match left in him. Chioda was with WWE during Taker’s entire run, so he knows him well.

Could The Undertaker Wrestle One More Match?

While speaking on his Monday Mailbag podcast on, former WWE referee Mike Chioda explained why he thinks The Undertaker could have one more match.

‚ÄúTaker looks in great shape. I know he’s had some surgeries done. I think they were successful and the hip replacement and all that and so forth. I think he’s got one more match in him, but please make him go over. Don’t do the match unless you’re going over dead man. F**k building anybody else up. Let them work on their own building themselves up.”

“I hope he does do one more match. I could see him doing one more match.”

Whether it happens or not is unknown, but in the pro wrestling business, the phrase “never say never” certainly applies.

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