Ex-WWE Star Recalls Training With The Rock Prior To WrestleMania

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A former WWE superstar corroborated the longstanding rumor that Dwayne Johnson, formerly known as The Rock, is indeed one of the nicest people in the wrestling business.

By most accounts, Dwayns Johnson was one of the friendliest and most easygoing people to ever enter WWE. He wasn’t one to cause backstage drama, never did a shoot promo demeaning colleagues, and always treated people with respect.

This reputation of his has been supported by many wrestlers who have worked with him, including Brian Myers, formerly known as Curt Hawkins, who trained with The Rock to help him get ready for his WrestleMania match with John Cena, though Myers didn’t specify which one.

Brian Myers recalls distinction between dealing with The Rock and his agent

In an interview with Sam Roberts, Brian Myers described how he and Joe Hennig – formerly known as Curtis Axel – were chosen by WWE to be The Rock’s sparring partners as he prepared for his match at WrestleMania.

On one hand, Myers described dealing with The Rock’s agent and personal managers dealing with the training regimen as “crazy” since he and Hennig were expected to drop everything and go to whatever location had been set up for The Rock.

“I was on the train to go on a date with now-wife and Johnny Ace was calling me and I’m like, ‘Oh no, this can’t be good’ because I’m like jabronie Curt Hawkins doing nothing.

He’s like, ‘Hey, hold on, they’re patching in Joe Henning’ and I’m going, ‘What on earth could be going on now’ and then he explained to us that Hunter decided that we would be the best candidates to be his training guys..

It was pretty crazy, we were like his Secret agent crash test dummies. The travel agent would just call you at the drop of the hat and be like, ‘Dwayne wants to train tomorrow, he’s in New Orleans, here’s a 7AM there and a 7PM home.’ You’d just go and there’d be a ring set up in a warehouse.”

As for the Rock himself, he was the polar opposite.

“On the flip side, The Rock couldn’t have been cooler. [He was] the coolest dude ever. You’re around somebody and you [realize] why he’s one of the most successful dudes ever on earth because of the way he carries himself and the way he handles his business and stuff. Me and Joe were just complete jabronies and he was so cool to us.”

h.t Fightful