Shane Helms On Pressure He Felt Interacting With The Rock

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Shane Helms recalled his time interacting with The Rock in WWE and how it was a lot of fun, but there was a lot of pressure too.

Currently in WWE, Shane Helms works behind the scenes with the Producer who helps produce matches and segments. During his in-ring career that saw him work for WCW, WWE and other promotions over 30 years, Helms became most known as The Hurricane.

The Hurricane was a superhero character who was a comedic guy who believed he was a superhero. He was fully committed to the gimmick and great at making people laugh while also putting on some great matches.

In 2003, The Rock was back in WWE as a heel character performing a Hollywood-type character. This would lead to some funny interactions between Rock and Hurricane in backstage settings while also having a match on Raw.

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet on YouTube, Shane Helms talked about the pressure of his interactions with The Rock.

“It’s not easy. And all the pressure was on me. You know, people don’t realize that. Like, if I go out there and stink it up with The Rock, he’s still gonna be The Rock. You’re never gonna see me again. Even I mean, even going into the match, you know, people. You know, we were talking a little bit earlier about Logan and Ricochet. And who’s the pressure on? Well, as a producer, yes, the pressure is on me I’m gonna get yelled at if this goes sideways.”

“But um, yeah, with Rocky. I was like, we had all the pressures on me. Because if when we have that match, if this match sucks, he’s still gonna be The Rock. He’s still going to WrestleMania against Steve Austin. You won’t see my little [ass] if go out there and blow it with The Rock. Then it’s gonna be over for me.”

Shane Helms as The Hurricane Beat The Rock On WWE Raw

On the March 10, 2003 edition of Raw, The Hurricane faced The Rock on Raw. It was a competitive match where The Rock’s WrestleMania 19 opponent “Stone Cold” Steve Austin made his entrance, so The Rock was distracted and Hurricane did a rollup for the pinfall win. It was arguably Hurricane’s biggest win of his career.

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