Dominik Mysterio Has Gone From A Boy To A Man In The Judgment Day

Dominik Mysterio NXT North American Champion WWE

A lot has changed for Dominik Mysterio in the space of 12 months.

Prior to the heel turn at Clash at the Castle, the former Tag Team Champion looked without direction in the company, only on TV to provide backup when father Rey was in trouble.

Following the betrayal of his father and Edge, “Dirty” Dom” would have quite the year in WWE and now gets some of the loudest reactions on weekly TV. Beginning the change in persona by siding with the enemy, Mysterio would go on to make his dad’s life a misery, go to prison and win the NXT North American Championship.

Speaking with SportsKeeda, fellow Judgment Day member Finn Balor credits the ex-con’s time with the faction as the reason behind the improved character:

“When Dominik came to the Judgment Day, he was merely a boy. But now, trust me, he is a man,”

With previous reigns as Universal, Intercontinental and United States Champion on his resume, Balor only needs to capture the Tag Team Titles to join the select few who have been grand slam champions in WWE. Balor expressed his aspiration at becoming a grand slam champion, not having a preference on which Judgment Day member wins the titles with him:

“Yeah, either with Damian or with Dom, it don’t matter. But I think if I was tag team champion, I would then be a grand slam champion. So that is something that I hope is on the horizon,”

Why Did Dominik Mysterio Betray His Father In WWE?

The Mysterio alliance would come to an end at the UK Premium Live Event when Dominik would clothesline his father Rey. The NXT North American Champion would go on to berate his father for months, being angry at his dad for never being there for him and not spoiling him, repeatedly calling the Hall of Famer a deadbeat dad.

Rey Mysterio was pushed and pushed by his son until he couldn’t take it anymore, with the former tag team partners facing off at WrestleMania.

Still the North American Champion, Mysterio had a unique way of deciding who his next challenger would be.

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