Dominik Mysterio’s Next Title Challenger Revealed

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Dominik Mysterio may have been slightly biased when deciding who the next challenger for his North American Championship would be.

As seen on the September 5th episode of NXT, Mysterio was the special guest referee in a match between Dragon Lee and Mustafa Ali, where the winner would go on to challenge for the title at No Mercy on September 30th.

The Judgment Day member came to the ring in a purple and black striped shirt to officiate the proceedings. The North American Champion appeared to call it right down the middle at the start of the match, but things would change in the closing moments.

Dragon Lee hit a sit-down powerbomb for 2 count, but Lee protested that Mysterio was counting too slowly. Ali then rolled up Lee and Mysterio counted the 3 very quickly, much to the shock of Lee and the announce team. Ali celebrated alongside Mysterio after the bell, but there will be no alliances at the Premium Live Event.

Dominik Mysterio Helps The Judgment Day Win Championships

Despite not competing at Payback, “Dirty” Dom would live up to his name by being integral in ensuring that all 4 members of The Judgment Day walked out with gold around their waists. Taking advantage of the no-disqualification stipulation during the Tag Team Title match, Mysterio struck Sami Zayn with the Money in the Bank briefcase to ensure that Priest and Balor became the new champions.

Later in the night, Mysterio would return to ringside during Rhea Ripleys Women’s World Championship defence against Raquel Rodriguez. Mysterio was able to distract Rodriguez so that Ripley could hit the Riptide on her opponent and retain the title.