Dijak Auctioning Off His Ring Worn NXT Jacket As A Tribute To Jay Briscoe

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Dijak, who is a part of the WWE NXT roster, has revealed he will auction off a recent jacket he wore to raise money for the family of the late, great Jay Briscoe.

On Tuesday, January 17th, Jay Briscoe was driving his car in Laurel, Delaware with his two daughters when a driver in another lane went into his lane for some reason leading to a head-on collision. Jay and the woman driving the other car were killed while Jay’s daughters were hospitalized. Jay Briscoe – whose real name is Jamin Pugh – passed away at 38 years old.

Jay Briscoe was married with a son and two daughters. The two daughters were hospitalized after the car crash, but they continue to improve.

Since Jay’s death, a GiveSendGo donation page was set up to provide some financial assistance for Jay’s family and it has raised over $339,000 to date. There have also been tribute shows put on by AEW to honor the ROH legend Jay Briscoe.

Dijak is a man that knew Jay Briscoe very well since he wrestled as Donovan Dijak during his Ring of Honor career from 2014 to 2017 before he signed with WWE.

At NXT Vengeance Day last Saturday, Dijak had an incredible match with Wes Lee for the NXT North American Title held by Lee. Many people considered it one of the best matches of 2023 so far and the best match at Vengeance Day as well. Lee got the win although his opponent had an impressive showing as well.

During his entrance, Dijak wore a black jacket that said “Reach For The Sky” on the back of it. That’s a tribute to Jay Briscoe.

On Twitter, Dijak announced that he’s going to auction off his ring worn “Reach For The Sky” to raise money for Jay’s family. The link is included in the post below.