Details On Impact Wrestling Using “TNA” Name Again

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There are some details regarding why Impact Wrestling is bringing back the TNA name again.

It was in June 2002 when Total Nonstop Action was launched by Jeff Jarrett and his father Jerry. It was an alternative to WWE that would feature some stars from the past, but also many new wrestlers that would be given an opportunity to become stars.

Over the last 20+ years, many changes took place in TNA including an ownership with Anthem buying the company in 2017. That led to the company name being changed to IMPACT Wrestling since their TV show has been called Impact going back to its debut episode in 2004.

During last night’s IMPACT Wrestling Bound for Glory PPV, the end of the show featured a video package with stars of Impact out in the wilderness talking about the past of the company as well as the future. That led to a video letting the fans know that the TNA name was back. They cut to the arena where Impact President Scott D’Amore was in the ring with key talent and he announced: “WE ARE BACK!”

A press release from IMPACT/TNA followed noting that on January 13, 2024 at The Hard To Kill Pay-Per-View From The Palms Casino Resort In Las Vegas, Nevada, the TNA name will return officially.

In a lengthy update about the name change, PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reports that the announcement nearly happened at Slammiversary in July, but it was pushed back to Bound for Glory. The company made the decision to go back to the TNA about two or three weeks ago.

By going back to the TNA name, it would unite the fragmented history of the company that was once known as Total Nonstop Action, there was a run when it was Global Force Wrestling and then it became Impact Wrestling. They also noted that international partners still preferred the TNA name over the others.

There was also a poll with long-term Impact Wrestling fans that made it clear they preferred the “TNA” name as well. Many fans chant those letters at Impact shows as well.

A few years ago there was some TNA nostalgia with Moose carrying around the TNA World Title and there were talks about doing some sort of angle out that, but the COVID-19 Pandemic hit in 2020 and those plans ended.

As for the rest of this year, they will run their remaining shows as IMPACT Wrestling and then go back to the TNA on the announced date of January 13 at the Hard to Kill PPV. The upcoming UK tour will use the Impact Wrestling name.

The name of the TV show will be TNA Impact Wrestling.

Due to the name change, they will also need new championship belts. Those new belts have already been produced, but we likely won’t see them until the official name change in January.

The six-sided ring will not return with the TNA name

Something that longtime Impact Wrestling/TNA fans may have liked or not liked was the six-sided ring that was done to make the company look and feel a bit different than other wrestling promotions. It has likely led to fans wondering if the six-sided ring is coming back with the TNA name, but the answer is no.

According to PWInsider, “there are zero plans to return to the old six-sided ring.” They noted it wasn’t even discussed and that wrestlers prefer the four-sided ring because it’s easier on their bodies.

It was reported by Fightful Select that TNA wrestlers do not want the six-sided ring to come back.

The TNA Wrestling return announcement video can be seen below. The company put it on their YouTube channel as well as social media outlets to get the word out as best they can.