Cody Rhodes All In Title Win Was Never Discussed

cody rhodes all in nwa title

Cody Rhodes was always going to win at All In.

Prior to AEW being created, the independent show in 2018 changed history as it was the most attended non-WWE show at that time and would be the catalyst to form All Elite Wrestling.

Rhodes wrestled on the show to challenge Nick Aldis for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Rhodes would defeat Aldis to capture the championship that was held by his father 3 times. Prior to the championship changing hands, Aldis knew that they had to give the people what they wanted.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Aldis knew that dropping the title was the right thing to do, with the bigger challenge being how they got to the endpoint and were able to take the audience on an emotional journey:

“Most of the time you know what people want, like at All In. We all knew what they wanted, we never had a discussion about the finish. [There was never] Hey, what if I win, brother? We never had that discussion. There was never a definitive discussion of, would you mind doing the honors? I was like, Don’t talk to me, I know what the people want here. We had to give it to them in a way that they couldn’t predict and weren’t fully able to expect and predict. That’s your job, give the people what they want in the way that they aren’t expecting.”

In the same interview, Aldis clarified what his current involvement with WWE entails.

Cody Rhodes Misses Parts Of AEW

Having one of the most significant few years in the wrestling industry, Rhodes would depart WWE in 2016, have a run on the independent scene all over the world, put together All In with The Young Bucks, help to establish AEW as a new wrestling promotion, return to WWE in 2022 and then main event WrestleMania in 2023. Following the return to WWE, Rhodes revealed what he misses now he is no longer a part of All Elite Wrestling.

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