Nick Aldis Clarifies His Status With WWE

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Nick Aldis has detailed the nature of the relationship between himself and WWE.

Following sightings of Aldis in the company and his name appearing on producer lists, the rumours began surrounding the former IMPACT World Champion’s future in wrestling. Fans began to question if Aldis was a full-time producer, would he wrestle in WWE or would he ever wrestle anymore in general?

While multiple reports about Aldis have been published, there has been an update from the man himself. Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Nick Aldis revealed that he was asked to come to WWE and be present in various departments, noting that he does have a lot of backstage experience:

“They just invited me to come and, you know, see how everything works and, you know, shadow as a producer and see and just sort of be part of the meetings and oversee the whole, you know, the whole television operation, which is, I mean, it’s, again, it’s, I’ve done a lot, I’ve worn a lot of hats. I think people who have followed my career, particularly in the last few years know that, in addition to wrestling, I was wearing a lot of hats behind the scenes, you know, at my last place. So, I certainly don’t feel like it’s a completely new sort of situation for me.

Aldis continued by stating that WWE is a whole different machine compared to the rest of the wrestling world and that they have been very welcoming, but nothing has been finalised yet:

Having said that, there’s pro wrestling, and then there’s WWE. So you know, just taking in just the sheer sort of volume of the operation, and just, you know, the number of people involved in that this, the scale of everything is like, just that alone is has been the basis of like, my time so far. But it’s like, it’s all very much, it’s all very much a sort of handshake situation at the moment very much a, hey, why don’t you come in and see how all this works? See, if you like it.

I will say this. They’ve been very, very good to me, and very, very accommodating. As far as they’ve said, Look, this is as much about whether you like it, you know. Now, where that goes, I don’t know, and I’m okay with that.

Aldis then concluded by addressing those who believe that he is going to step away from in-ring competition. The former NWA Heavyweight Champion believes that the rumours are getting out of hand as even talent has asked him what is next:

Like, it’s tough with, with the internet, you know, and social media, because people want to put this sort of definitiveness on everything. And this finality like, Oh, that’s it. He’s with WWE. That’s it game over, you know. And so now, you know, people say are you not wrestling anymore? Have you retired? Are you not wrestling? I mean, even the boys are saying that, like, are you done wrestling? You know, and it’s like, slow down.”

Nick Aldis Has Not Retired

With Aldis yet to appear inside a wrestling ring since interning as a WWE producer and having competed for over 15 years, many have jumped to conclusions and believe that Aldis has retired. Aldis has addressed these rumours and said that he is very much in his prime.

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