Nick Aldis Dismisses Retirement Rumours

Nick Aldis

Nick Aldis has not hung up his boots just yet.

The status of Aldis remains up in the air following the news that he is interning as a producer for WWE. With the former IMPACT World Champion potentially transitioning to the role full-time, it is unknown when or if Aldis will step into the ring again.

Rumours of Aldis appearing to be done with in-ring action were addressed by the man himself. Speaking with Nikko Knows Best, the former NWA Heavyweight Champion believes that everyone needs to stop jumping to conclusions when discussing his future as he has a lot left to give:

“Because of the discussions about a different role, immediately it jumps to, ‘Oh, he’s not wrestling anymore, he’s retiring, is he done wrestling?’ Hold on. I’m 36 years old. Maybe another blessing and curse in my career is that I got started on a national/international stage very early in my career. I was signed at 21. Sometimes, I get put in the generation ahead of me in terms of age. I’m 36. I’m very much in my prime. Wait a minute, where is all this discussion about being done wrestling come from? Everyone needs to chill,”

Aldis was last backstage at Raw for the August 21st episode and has been previously seen on producer rundown sheets posted by Fightful.

Nick Aldis Seemingly Rules Out NWA Return

While the phrase “never say never” has been uttered on multiple occasions in wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance and Aldis will need a lot of work if they are to ever reconcile. Aldis previously stated that he felt “betrayed” by the promotion and that they still owe him money for previous appearances.

In a new interview, Aldis stated that people are jumping to conclusions and also clarified his status in WWE.

H/t to Fightful