Brock Lesnar Makes Surprise Appearance Singing Alongside Country Music Star [VIDEO]

Brock Lesnar

Imagine having Brock Lesnar as one of your backup singers.

Not only would the sight of The Beast rocking out add to the spectacle, but it would provide some security if it were required. No one in attendance would even think about heckling or throwing bottles at the former UFC Champion.

Fans attending the Zach Bryan concert at The Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota got to witness this extremely rare sight on Wednesday, August 9th.

As Bryan took to the stage to sing “Revival” a familiar face amongst wrestling fans would walk on the stage wearing a cowboy hat, Coors T-Shirt and jeans, which faired better than Lesnar’s SummerSlam ring gear.

Fan footage from the event sees the former World Champion being introduced by the Grammy-nominated star and joins in on the chorus.

What’s Next For Brock Lesnar In WWE?

After Lesnar lost to Rhodes, the 10-time champion put over The American Nightmare huge, embracing Rhodes and raising his hands on multiple occasions, something that Lesnar does not commonly do. Debuting in the company more than 20 years ago and with nothing left to prove in WWE, some fans had speculated that SummerSlam was the final match for Lesnar. However, it has been reported that Lesnar will be back.

Spontaneous appearances at country music concerts might be wrestling fans’ best opportunity to see Lesnar live for the foreseeable future. Following a loss to Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam, The Beast is set to be off TV for the rest of the year, reportedly returning around WrestleMania season.