WWE Hall Of Famer Calls Brock Lesnar “Worker Of The Year”

Brock Lesnar

Is Brock Lesnar the best wrestler of 2023?

At one time, the part-time schedule of Lesnar was seen as both a source of frustration and a punchline for many WWE fans. 2023 has been a different story though, with The Beast wrestling on every Premium Live Event to date with the exception of Money in the Bank.

At SummerSlam, Lesnar would be defeated by Cody Rhodes. The performance by Lesnar during and after the match would cement Rhodes as a star in the company and showed a side of the former WWE Champion that is rarely seen.

The actions of Lesnar have not gone unnoticed by Booker T, who was one of Lesnar’s first-ever opponents on the main roster. Speaking on the Hall of Fame podcast, the NXT commentator believes that Lesnar should receive recognition for his performance at Ford Field:

Brock Lesnar, what a worker,” Booker T said. “What a damn worker. Brock should get the award of the year, worker of the year, as far as I’m concerned. That’s how good he really made that match on Saturday night.”

Who Has Brock Lesnar Wrestled in 2023?

Beginning the streak of PLEs at the Royal Rumble, Lesnar would set a new personal best for the shortest time in the match, being eliminated by Bobby Lashley after just under 2 and a half minutes.

Following a loss to Bobby Lashley at Elimination Chamber, The Beast would face Omos for the first time ever in the opening match of Night 2 of WrestleMania 39, reportedly competing against the giant out of a refusal to work with Bray Wyatt.

The night after Mania, Lesnar would attack Cody Rhodes, setting up their trilogy of matches, which took place at Backlash, Night of Champions and SummerSlam.

The loss to Rhodes may be the last time that fans see Lesnar in WWE for a while, as the former World Champion is reportedly taking some time away from the company.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.