AEW Star Reacts To Edge Possibly Joining The Promotion

edge wwe entrance

One AEW star will “crap their pants” if Edge ends up joining the company.

On August 23rd, Wade Keller reported in the PWTorch that the WWE Hall of Famer had failed to come to terms on a new WWE contract, and that there was a feeling within the company that he would head to AEW.

This has led to many speculating on the possibility of the Rated-R Superstar becoming All Elite. One person excited by the idea is AEW star Renee Paquette.

During an interview with Rick Ucchino of Cageside Seats, Paquette admitted the notion of Edge making the jump gives her goosebumps.

“It gives me goosebumps. Like, the idea of that happening. Not only just as a Canadian and as a kid growing up, watching Edge in WWE and watching his career, but to get to know him as a human.

“To get to know him and his wife, Beth Phoenix. They’re just such incredible, like top-notch, world-class human beings. To be able to watch what he was able to do and wrap up his last match in Toronto. What a storybook ending for him.”

Paquette went on to discuss the idea of Edge & Christian reuniting one last time.

“If he were to come over to AEW, I will crap my pants. I will die, can you imagine?

From the second we got Christian Cage in AEW and knowing that he was making this incredible return to the ring after being gone for seven years, to imagine seeing the two of them reuniting and having this like one last hurrah. Like, that is a wrestling fan’s dream.”

Unfortunately, the likelihood of that particular dream happening has taken a hit as the WWE Hall of Famer has dismissed the rumours of his exit.

Edge shoots down reports of rift with WWE

According to the star, there’s “nothing going on” and he still loves WWE as being in that promotion was always his dream.

In fact, the multi-time World Champion is currently trying to decide what future he wants for himself, a choice that was taken away from him when he was forced to retire in 2011.

“The first time I had to retire it was forced and this time, the choice is in my lap and it’s a lot harder. WWE gave me that night Friday night in Toronto and it was the best night of my career.

“A lot of people say you should retire at WrestleMania, but it’s not their career. That Friday night was really special for me. And I don’t know if that can be topped, to be perfectly honest. And if we think we can then great but I need to sit with it.”

H/T to Cageside Seats for the above transcription.