Edge Comments On Being Able To Reinvent Himself

Edge glaring at camera

Edge has given an insight into the process of coming up with new elements to his persona.

The Hall of Famer has been seen from a wise-cracking babyface to a vicious heel and everything in between over his 25-year career in WWE. With more hits than misses throughout the quarter century, Edge has a particular method in how the changes are made and layers are added.

Speaking on The Bump, the former World Champion revealed that he would be constantly taking notes while travelling and only let a select group of people know what he was planning:

“I don’t know if it’s seamless because there’s a lot of thought. Especially when I was full-on in the grind and doing every show and every week and trying to add ideas and add layers, I constantly thought. I’d always take notes. I’d always have something pop into my head and write it down like I have notebooks full of ideas, full of just a kernel of an idea for a promo or a kernel of an idea for a match or draw out my gear or a t-shirt. It just never stopped.

And I think by throwing enough ideas at my mental wall and seeing what stuck and then having a few people go, ‘Hey, what do you think about this?’ Okay. But you have to have that kind of trusted circle. And I never went outside of it. If those people thought it was cool, I was like, ‘Okay, then my instincts are probably right here.’ They weren’t always, but I think for me, that was always a part of the process and why. And just listening to the audience and oh, ‘Okay, they’re telling me it’s time.’ It’s time to try something.

The Hall of Famer continued revealing that appearing in his hometown inspired one of his most memorable personas:

It was actually here in Toronto where I came out at SummerSlam, first time here since I’d come back from my first neck surgery. Good guy, Intercontinental Champion, mega boot. And I was like, ‘Oh, they’re telling me, right, okay, here comes the ultimate opportunist.’ Okay, here comes the Rated-R Superstar. And really just took that. What they were telling me was there. So I took it and ran.”

Will Edge Join AEW?

After having what appeared to be the last match on his current contract on August 18th, it is unknown what the future now holds for the two-time Royal Rumble winner. In a new report, it appears that both WWE and Edge have failed to come to terms on a new deal, meaning that the Rated R Superstar is set to become a free agent.