Edge Dismisses Reports About Possible WWE Exit – “There’s Nothing Going On” (VIDEO)

Adam Copeland

On this day Edge sees clearly and seems to have denied any reports that he might go work for another wrestling promotion.

There was a report from PWTorch’s Wade Keller claiming that WWE Hall of Famer Edge (Adam Copeland) was likely heading to AEW because WWE failed to meet whatever contract demands he had to sign a new deal.

That report came out late on Wednesday and now on Thursday morning while drinking his coffee at home on a rocking chair, the 49-year-old Edge is addressing those rumors by seemingly denying them and nothing that he had a contract offer from WWE as well. This video message was posted on Edge’s Twitter/X account.

“I woke up to a bunch of voicemails, texts and everything from actual friends and family wondering what’s going on, so I figured I better address it. There’s nothing going on. There’s no hard feelings between me and WWE. I love WWE. It’s my dream gig. It’s all I ever wanted to do. And I didn’t come at them with some crazy contract or anything. They didn’t deny me. I have a contract extension sitting in my inbox. I just don’t know what to do.”

“The first time I had to retire it was forced and this time, the choice is in my lap and it’s a lot harder. WWE gave me that night Friday night in Toronto and it was the best night of my career. A lot of people say you should retire at WrestleMania, but it’s not their career. That Friday night was really special for me. And I don’t know if that can be topped, to be perfectly honest. And if we think we can then great but I need to sit with it.”

“Just know that whatever it is that I do, whether it’s Percy Jackson which is coming out soon…or it’s wrestling or it’s sitting in my rocking chair. It’s because I’m having fun and having fun at this stage in my life and raising my kids are the two most important things. I’m going to go back to my coffee. See ya.”

Edge Was Victorious In His Final WWE Match…For Now?

That Toronto match that Edge was referencing is from last Friday’s Smackdown when he put on a tremendous performance with Sheamus in their first-ever match together. After nearly 20 grueling minutes, Edge won with a Spear and got the clean win. They hugged after it was over.

Recently, Edge noted that his WWE contract actually expires at the end of September. It’s at that point when he can decide to retire from wrestling completely, perhaps come back for more WWE matches or move on to another wrestling promotion.

Based on his comments above, it sounds like it’s either WWE or retiring, but until there’s an official announcement or decision, fans are going to speculate on what’s next. Edge turns 50 years old in October.

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