Strange Things In Wrestling (September 2022)

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Welcome to the return of Strange Things In Wrestling. As a refresher, this column intends to highlight anything from the world of wrestling with odd, unique, quirky, or possibly bizarre qualities because that makes them stand out.

We’ll dive deep into a handful of different things, stories whose strange nature is something that should be featured. Keep in mind – weird much like anything open for discussion, is subjective. Remember, one person’s odd is another person’s completely acceptable. And I’m not saying they can’t be both; I’m just saying I should stop talking because it’s a whole new edition full of tears, sadness, and criticism.

Typically, August is filled with many flowers because it’s supposed to bring a virtual end to summer and sunshine and all that jazz. But this month, we are faced with some of the most bizarre stories since last month! This month, we have another champion having to forfeit their title kind of sort of, a returning champion calling out a previous winner for no reason that we can understand, another previous champion confusing the names of two other former champions during a promo, and tons of other former champions returning to the company. All this has happened before September 4th! What happened come the week after Clash at the Castle, All Out, and NXT Worlds Collide?

So sit back, pull up a bag of your favorite snacks, avoid watching The Bad Guys if you are a parent, and crack open a can of your favorite frosty beverage from the sheer oddness that resonated from this month’s edition.

A Funny Thing Happened on The Way To The Media Scrum

CM Punk Tony Khan

Ever heard the story of the guy that won the championship, and instead of celebrating that championship win, he decided to open up the can of worms backstage of issues floating between himself and other members of the roster? You have? Okay, good because the joke has been talked about to death. The amusing part of this is whether that guy in the mark was justified. It seemed like an odd time to open the doors to that issue.

It becomes even funnier when the very people you believe could be spreading that propaganda are literally watching you just take a metaphorical poop on all that was kept behind the closed door. As it stands, the punchline to the joke of said comedian and others involved in this joke has yet to address it. We’re told the joke can’t fully be discussed because of legal implications. Can you imagine that? We aren’t allowed to laugh, but the joke continues to have tidbits about it shared time and time again. All this, and someone is probably hiding the fact that they are sharing a bank account with one of their parents.

Pretty sure Bobby Fish doesn’t like CM Punk

Bobby Fish AEW

Since Bobby Fish left AEW, it was pretty much revealed that he had issues with CM Punk. It all stemmed from Fish refusing to lay down to the GTS last fall to Punk. He had an issue losing to Punk that way and losing to him at all. After Punk beat Fish with the GTS, Fish kicked out after the three count. So now it seems Fish’s departure is tied to his thoughts on Punk.

Whether or not that is true remains to be seen. But Fish did say he was more akin to supporting KENTA, who created the GTS, than Punk. Fish even went as far as to challenge him to a legitimate MMA matchup where he would essentially mop the floor with the Second City Savior. So it really feels like Punk managed to have a rough month professionally this past September.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit

From Jefferson Airplane’s song being played in arenas to QR code’s leading fans into a furry and all because of a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, that’s shrouded in mystery. It becomes even funnier because of the dot-connecting of an image of an electronic white rabbit. Some are pretty determined to crack the case of the QR code that could or couldn’t be connected to a former Eater of Worlds. Or is it connected to the leader of the House of Black? The more fans believed it’s leading them in one direction; something happens it pulls them into another one. The commitment by those that say the White Rabbit is as close to random easter eggs tied to Bray Wyatt becomes even funnier.

Sure, that one moment when the QR code to an ice cream cone which they distinctively remember Bray Wyatt ate outside of a house show on the fourth moon of the year while he was resting horizontally on the curb outside the arena, it just has to be him. But, then, when you were to look closer to the ice cream, he managed to leave exactly two bites. Those two bites reminded us of the time Wyatt turned two years old.

And when he turned two, he drank milk to, which is the same color as the rabbit. So when you decode the text that appears in the QR code from the Little Orphan Annie code reader, it will tell you always to drink your Ovaltine. And the Ovaltine is what Bray drinks when he wants to get his Action Red Rider Bee Bee Gun.

September wasn’t the typically odd month this time around. We will likely have things like the announcement of Ricky Steamboat coming out of retirement akin to Ric Flair. And we probably had Ric Flair say he was going to come out of retirement again, too which seems almost normal in some ways. So what will October have in store for us? Could we see some outlandish claim by Jim Cornette, Vince Russo, or Tony Khan? Possibly. But if that’s the case, the strange things likely come out a night since Halloween is approaching, and we may see a whole lot of strange.


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