Zelina Vega Names WWE NXT Talent She’d Love To Face

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Zelina Vega has multiple matches in mind when it comes to the up-and-coming stars of NXT.

Vega is a prominent part of SmackDown as a member of the Rey Mysterio-led Latino World Order. In recent weeks she has earned a shot at the Women’s Championship by defeating IYO SKY, although fell short in her rematch against the champ.

She was also part of the Money In The Bank Ladder Match back in July and in May had one of the biggest bouts of her career when she faced off with Rhea Ripley at Backlash in Puerto Rico.

Despite being a big part of the main roster women’s division, though, the star is still keeping tabs on the rising stars of NXT and has a lot of ideas for who she would want to face from the developmental brand.

During a recent interview with, Vega named Jakara Jackson, Ava Raine, and Bea Priestly as women show would love to tangle with.

“I love Jakara [Jackson] and I love everything that they’re doing right now, so it might be cool to mix it up kind of with them and see where it goes there.

“I mean, getting to see Ava Raine obviously and her group and striving there. It’s so cool for me to see, especially because I’ve known her since she was practically a baby, so it’s cool to see kind of where that development has gone.

“I don’t know. There are so many people that you can try and mix it up with. Even Bea Priestley. I’d love to get in the ring with her. I mean, she’s amazing. I think it’s good that it’s hard for me to choose because of the level of talent that’s there.”

Communication issues led to Zelina Vega being released by WWE in 2020

Vega was released from her WWE contract back in 2020 when the company began cracking down on its stars using the streaming platform, Twitch. At the time, Vega was reluctant to leave the platform, and was let go as a result.

During the same interview with, Vega explained that the situation blew up more than she expected, but she was adamant that WWE was missing an audience by not utlising the platform. However, once they talked through the situation, they were able to reach an agreement.

“That was one of the major things that I told WWE initially. ‘I didn’t know this was going to blow up as much as it did, but I feel there is an audience that we’re missing here,’ especially with everything going digital now, this is where the kids are and where we’re going to get them. There is a way to blend the worlds.

“Once they kind of figured out what I meant by that, that’s really what was missing, the communication there, once we talked it out and figured out, ‘this is how we can work together,’ that’s why I’m back and why I’m back on Twitch and everything worked out.”

Vega returned to WWE in July 2021, and the company eventually reached a deal with Twitch in 2023 which has allowed stars to return to the platform.

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