WWE And Twitch Come To Streaming Deal For Talent

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A new report has claimed that WWE and Twitch has come to an arrangement to allow their talent back on the service with “almost no restrictions”.

Over the last few years, those under contract to WWE have been under various restrictions which have restricted their use of various social media and streaming platforms to limited uses which were approved by the company, which seemingly caused a lot of anger amongst those who used those platforms to reach wider audiences and generate additional income.

These restrictions began to be lifted back in April 2022, when talent were informed they’d be able to use some third-party platforms again. However, a deal with Twitch has taken a little longer to come to fruition, although some superstars did return to the service earlier this month.

Now, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select is reporting that a deal has been reached, which will see the money made through the platform being split three ways, with the majority going to the talent and the service.

The report also notes that the deal has “almost” no restrictions for those using the service, although it does include gaining prior approval before having talent contracted to other promotions on their streams.

It is also noted that talent spoken to is happy with the deal, and we can seemingly expect plenty of new Twitch streams appearing in the near future.