WWE Shifting Controversial Policy As Star Returns To Twitch

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It appears as though there may be a change in a policy that WWE used to be very strict about because a current superstar is going back on Twitch.

Zelina Vega is a former Queen’s Crown winner in WWE who is also a former Women’s Tag Team Champion. On Thursday, Vega revealed in a tweet that her Twitch streaming is coming back very soon.

There was no official date for when Vega will return to Twitch, but it has a lot of fans excited because it could mean the end of a company policy that has existed for a few years.

It was back in November 2020 when Vega left World Wrestling Entertainment because they made it clear to all superstars that they couldn’t use third-party platforms like Twitch using their trademarked superstar name or any name. It was a case of the company flexing its muscles so to speak to tell the talent what they can and can’t do based on the contracts that were signed by the talent.

In July 2021, Vega was back in WWE, but the hardcore gamer was not back on Twitch.

While nothing has been confirmed, the belief is that with Endeavor acquiring WWE and merging it with UFC to create a new company, the policy about third-party platforms may be changing for superstars.

It has been reported by Fightful Select (subscription required) recently that since Endeavor bought UFC several years ago, fighters are allowed to retain outside channels such as OnlyFans and BrandArmy. That could also mean that Endeavor’s WWE acquisition could lead to superstars possibly taking advantage of that new policy and using some third-party platforms in the future.