YouTube Star Wants To Be WWE’s New Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon WWE

One YouTube star wants to be WWE’s newest version of Shane McMahon after another appearance that saw him get dropped.

The March 8th edition of SmackDown saw Logan Paul announce a blockbuster deal with WWE that sees his Prime drink become the company’s first-ever centre-ring sponsor in company history. Paul’s business partner and YouTube star KSI also appeared and he suffered an RKO at the hands of Randy Orton who has a score to settle with the US Champion.

Speaking on Impaulsive, KSI discussed his experience of being dropped with an RKO by Randy Orton recently and said it was one of the best things he’s ever done despite the vast amount of pain he suffered:

Honestly, one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. He fucked me up. He grabbed my head and slammed me into his bicep. My nose is smushed, my lip got cut up. The inside of my lip is destroyed from my teeth slamming into his bicep. I was like, ‘f*ck.’ It hurts. It f*cking hurts.

KSI Just Wants To Be WWE’s New Shane McMahon

Paul tried to talk his partner into a full-time role with WWE but KSI says he’d rather be like Shane McMahon:

I like to see myself as the Shane McMahon of WWE. I don’t mind getting a Stone Cold Stunner. I just want one suplex.

Somebody might want to show KSI some clips of Shane McMahon in WWE as he’s done things much wilder than simply taking a suplex and the YouTuber might not want to hurl himself off the top of Hell In A Cell.

Shane McMahon suffered a torn quad at WrestleMania 39 when he made his shock return to the company for an impromptu match against The Miz. Incredibly, McMahon ended up being replaced on the fly by Snoop Dogg who defeated The Miz in probably the most unlikely WrestleMania match in history.

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