WWE’s Key Decision Maker In CM Punk’s Return Revealed

CM Punk

CM Punk is back in WWE and his return has absolutely nothing to do with TKO Executive Chairman Vince McMahon.

CM Punk stunned the world when he returned to WWE at Survivor Series, ending his near ten-year hiatus from the company.

Punk’s return earned him another rapturous reception in his hometown of Chicago but his return was not met with universal happiness. Seth Rollins does not want to waste any breath on CM Punk while Drew McIntyre stormed out of the arena in Chicago, seemingly unhappy about a lot of things

Who Was Behind CM Punk’s Return To WWE?

Writing in his Daily Update, Dave Meltzer noted that Vince McMahon was not involved at all in CM Punk’s return to WWE, and rather company President Nick Khan was named as the key decision maker in bringing Punk back. McMahon is said to not be involved at all in that side of the business with recruitment decisions being made by Khan and Triple H.

Triple H and Punk’s history is fractious with Punk unhappy at how he was used by the company prior to his departure in 2014. Punk publicly referred to WWE’s Chief Content Officer as Vince McMahon’s “doofus son-in-law” during his famous pipebomb promo on Raw in 2011.