Seth Rollins Refuses To Waste Breath On CM Punk

Seth Rollins

CM Punk is back in WWE and it’s safe to say not everyone is pleased to see him, including World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

CM Punk made his shock return to WWE at the end of Survivor Series, bringing an end to the uncertainty over his future after he was unceremoniously fired by AEW earlier in 2023.

Seth Rollins was held back while screaming obscenities at Punk from ringside and was reported to have been ushered away from Punk backstage. However, it is believed some of Rollins’ behaviour was all in character although Seth Rollins has previously referred to CM Punk as “a cancer.”

Seth Rollins Has No Time For CM Punk

Speaking after successfully defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Drew McIntyre and Shinsuke Nakamura at a WWE live event in Peoria, Illinois, Seth Rollins refused to discuss CM Punk anymore, telling fans in a video shared on social media:

I’m not gonna waste any more breath on somebody who’s been gone for eight years and has done nothing but try to tear this place down. Instead, I’m gonna take my time, use my breath talking about the people who’ve been here all along. The people in the back who have made WWE the hottest ticket in town.

These comments could also be part of a budding storyline between the pair if they can put aside any personal feelings to do business. And with WrestleMania 40 looming large, a WrestleMania main event for Punk might not be out of the question after all.